Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Twins 2 year update

Hello my wonderful readers. Our twins are 2!!! O my goodness where has the time gone. They are so smart and active. They love to read books, dress up and play with action figures and dolls. 
Andrew is 26 Lbs and 33 Inches tall.
Juliet is 22 Lbs and 32 Inches tall.

Diaper size: they are both still in cloth diapers 95% of the the time. They wear size 5 disposables now. And we will be starting to potty train in the new year. 

Clothing size: both are in size 24mo/2T right now. Size 5-6 in shoes.

Sleeping: they are both still in their mini cribs set in the toddler bed setting. Andrew has no problems sleeping ever. Juliet wakes up every so many nights and cries for a second and goes back to sleep. They take 1 nap that is 1.5-2 hours long each afternoon. 

Eating: they pretty much will eat anything but are also picky eaters like their sister just depends on what they feel like that day. 

Routine: we have a routine we stick to for the most part and they know exactly when it’s time for things which makes most days run ok. 

Firsts: first 4th of July with fireworks (Andrew was not a fan), first time to the dentist, first time moving, first time really experiencing Christmas lights, first build a bear experience, first holiday parade, Andrew also got his first haircut

Movements: they are all over the place. They can climb onto anything and everything.

Teeth: Juliet has all her teeth but 2 on the bottom. Andrew is the same. 
 Andrews before and after his haircut. He did so well.
 This was 4th of July outside of our apartment on the sidewalk by the road they did so good except
 This was the first place we moved to and they loved this rocking chair.
 Tractor at the pumpkin patch.
 Super heroes for Halloween. They loved dressing up and still wear their costumes often.
 Daddy and Juliet and Mommy and Andrew both pictures on Thanksgiving.

Hope you enjoy this update on our dynamic duo! Loves.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Penelope’s 4 year update

Hello my wonderful readers. I cannot believe our little girl is 4 years old now. It’s so hard to believe how fast 4 years has gone by. She is so smart and full of energy to the point where there is no stopping her. She is 34lbs and 39” tall. 
Potty: She is not fully potty trained yet, with all the moving and everything we have gone backwards so that’s our new goal is to get back on track with that. 
Clothing: She is wearing a 4T/5T in clothing and size 9 shoe which I think is about average for her age.
Sleeping: She is still in her toddler bed and will be for awhile longer since she loves it and is no where close to growing out of it. She is sleeping through the night with no problems except getting up too early sometimes haha. 
Eating: She is a picky eater. One day she will like something and then next day tell me it’s the grossest things she has ever eaten. I have no clue! 
Routine: We have a routine with everyone that we stick to pretty good.
Firsts: experienced her first cousin born after her, her brother and sister having a birthday, first Christmas light drive through display, first friend’s birthday party, first time to the dentist, first time moving (that she remembers), first build a bear experience 

I hope you all enjoy the update. She has grown so much in 1 year it is so crazy! Loves! 

Monday, December 3, 2018

Life Update

Hello my wonderful readers! I want to apologize for it being so long since I wrote last. We have had a lot happen in life since June or July whenever I posted last. My grandpa passed away and we have moved twice for two things, to a different town and now that we are all settled for the most part I hope to get writing again because I miss it so. I will be sharing, to start, posts on things we have done in the past 6 months. Moving with three littles. Penelope’s birthday party and 4 year update is coming, along with the twins 2 year, wow how time flies!! Aaron and I also celebrated 5 years of marriage woo hoo go us!! Also we are celebrating Christmas in a new home so I will be sharing that too. Also with New Years coming up I will be sharing my hopes for the new year. So keep your eyes out for fun posts to come! Loves! 

Friday, June 29, 2018

Twins at 18 Months

Hello my wonderful readers! I have been such a slacker on blogging, just my mindset and life have just not been letting me. I cannot believe that my twins are half way to 2 years old just like that! Time is such a thief! They are growing so well. Andrew is 25 lbs and Juliet is 20 lbs.

Diaper size: We are still in cloth diapers 95% of the time and both are wearing the same size which is extended all the way on the one size diapers. In disposables (which they wear out of the house and at night) they are both in size 4.

Clothing size: Andrew is almost completely out of his 18 mo and he is in 24mo/2T clothes almost all the time now. Juliet is in 18 mo solidly for now.

Sleeping: Both still sleep through the night with a rough night here and there but the big thing is that Andrew is now sleeping with his crib converted to a toddler bed now, he started to climb out and fell down once and that was it we had to change his bed. He was scared the first night but since then has done really well, he does get out of bed in the morning as soon as he is awake and tears the room apart but we have finally child proofed fully so it's not a big deal.

Feeding: They pretty much eat anything we eat just cut up really small. They drink fully out of sippy cups all day.

Routine: We have almost fully transitioned from 2 naps to 1 in the afternoon now so our days look a little different in the morning time now.

Firsts: So many things development wise have happened since their 1 year update as well as different events. They had their first Christmas they could participate, Juliet took her first steps, They went to their first birthday party for a friend of their sister's, They met their first cousin born after them, First Easter they could understand and their Grandmas gave them so many fun things, Went to their first Scottish games, And then a couple days after their 18 mo birthday they will spend the first night away from mommy and daddy (at grandma and grandpa's house), they went to Fairytale town for the first time, they went to the snow for the first time

Movements: They are just running around like crazy. Andrew can climb up in chairs for the most part and onto our couch now. Juliet doesn't really show any interest in trying yet but that's kind of how she is.

Teeth: Andrew has 7 teeth, I think an 8th is coming in. Juliet has 8 and maybe a 9th coming in.

 Fairytale town for the first time.
 They got cars and tractors for their birthday and Christmas and they are some of their favorite toys.
 One of their first swings at the park.
 Valentines day.
 Juliet loves to look at herself in the camera.
 First time to the snow was ok, they weren't huge fans haha.
 They switched to big carseats, no more infant seats for us.
 Daddy loved this outfit I picked up at my Moms group swap.
 16 month picture.
 Andrew runs everywhere!
 They have been loving the little pool on our porch, its perfect for the 20 mins they stay in it and easier for me to corral them when I'm by myself. 
 Mother's day.
 We went to a Lavender Farm.
 Andrew the next morning after his first night in his "big" bed.
 18 months old!
 I told them to give each other a kiss and they actually did (cue the mommy tears) they are getting so big!
Father's day, it took many shots to get this one that's not wonderful but everyone is looking forward so I call that a win! 
Hope you enjoy seeing them grow like we do! I'll give another update for them at 2, it is so weird to say that!! 

Monday, June 4, 2018

May Favorites

Hello my amazing readers. It's time for monthly favorites. My favorites are pretty much the same as past months for May. Except maybe these two things that I have really liked. 
1. Author Shauna Niequist: Currently I'm reading Present Over Perfect also I'm doing the bible study with my small group. I am also reading Savor which is a year long devotional that is so good. My small group did Bread and Wine  last summer and it was so very good, I might actually reread it this summer or move onto her other books. I just love the way she writes, I feel like I am having a conversation with her, which I love. 
2. Call the Midwife: I am into season 6 now so I am getting close to what is actually showing on TV now which is season 7. I am loving this show, it makes me want to be a midwife every time I watch it or even a nurse or doula haha. 
I would love to hear some of your monthly favorites for the month of May. Lots of Love. 

Friday, June 1, 2018

Woodland Scottish Games 2018

Hello my wonderful readers. Sorry I am a little later than I wanted to be with this post we have just been so busy and it doesn't look like it's going to stop either for a little while. At the end of April we went to the Woodland Celtic Festival and Highland Games. I have grown up going to the Highland games all over my whole life, in 2012 I took Aaron for the first time to a games with me and that was to Woodland. In 2015 we took Penelope for the first time to a games also in Woodland and now this year, 2018, we took the twins to their first in Woodland as well. It was also the first games I have been to I think since my grandma has passed away so it was a little hard for me since she was the person who loved to attend them the most. We met up with some friends there so it made it better. Here are so fun pictures we took during the day. 
This was the cutest little picture opportunity. 
The twins also had their first banger, which they both liked. Next time we will try meat pies hopefully if there isn't such a long line.

Of course, just like I did with Penelope, I took my kilt my grandma made me when I was little and put it on each of the twins for a picture. 
My hubby is so handsome so I had to share his beer selfie. <3
This is one my favorites from the day! A lot of time we forget to take pictures of ourselves but I'm so glad we took this one. 
As you can see the place was crowded after awhile. 
Hope you enjoyed me sharing about our trip to the Woodland games. Lots of love. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

April Monthly Favorites

Hello my wonderful readers! It's that time of month that I share what I loved from the month before. April came and went so fast I don't have as many things as I have in the past months. 

1. Coloring: I have really gotten back into my adult coloring books, I found 3 in my closet when I cleaned it out haha. I like to sit with Aaron after the kids have gone to bed and color while he watches what he wants. 
2. Podcasts: I have loved listening to the sermons from our church if we missed going. Also I like the Harshe podcast with January Harshe and her husband Brandon, they talk about large family topics and postpartum experiences, etc. Also Aaron and I listen to a podcast once a week together that Aaron's friend does called Classless Chat and it's pretty funny.
3. Chai Tea Latte K-cups: they are Walmart brand, I tried it at moms group a couple times and had to track them down. I am usually not one to shy away from my peppermint mocha creamer only but I really like this. 
4. Playing with the kids outside: we ended April with warm enough weather to fill our little pool and the kids are loving it! It's nice to watch them play and just put my feet in the little pool and then eat Popsicles with them. 

That's really it for the month of April, see you in the next post!