Thursday, January 14, 2021

It's Been Awhile.....

 Hello my wonderful readers! If any of you are still there it has been awhile since I have written anything on here. Life just got going and I honestly lost the drive to write anything. It has been almost two years. Well we can start with an update. We still live in the same house woohoo. Aaron and I have been married for 7 years now, I am now 31, Penelope is 6 and the twins are now 4. We have been really busy doing life during the shut down and all that. Trying to keep everyone (inside our home and outside our home) happy is really hard! Penelope is half way through kindergarten now, we did the last half of TK and all of kinder so far distance learning which has been a change becoming the teacher I thought one day I wanted to be. We have seriously considered homeschool for next year but haven't fully decided yet. I have been diving more into reading for myself lately. With all this "mommy, mommy, mommy" all the time all day every day I needed to do something for me before I lost my mind haha. I am not sure if I will keep going on the blog or not but wanted to come on and say we are still here for now and still going. Love you lots! 

Friday, April 26, 2019

Routine with 3 kids 4 and Under

Hello my wonderful readers. It's been awhile since I shared a routine with you all so here is an updated version of our day. 

6a - Mommy wakes up, gets ready for day, lets dog out and if there is time read or devotional
6:30-7 - kids wake up, potty and diaper changes, milk while watching a cartoon and mommy drinks her coffee
7:30 - Mommy starts breakfast 
8a - Breakfast time
8:30 - potty/diaper change and clothes change
8:45 - Inside play/mommy does dishes and gets laundry started or changed over
10a - Outside play/Inside coloring (depending on weather), this would be the time we would run errands if needed or have a visitor over ideally
11:30 - potty/diaper change, snack time
12p - lunch, dog out
12:30 - playtime inside/outside?
2p - 4p - nap time for twins most days/ quite time for Penelope/ Mommy folds laundry, works out, etc. 
4p - potty/diaper change, snack time, mommy starts dinner
5 - dinner time
5:45 - playtime
6:45p - 7p - Start Bedtime routine: pick up toys, half the days they get baths, teeth brushing, potty/diaper change, jammies, story time, bed
7:30 - 7:45 - Mommy starts on catching up on folding laundry, prep for next day, dog out, blog, etc, watch show with no cartoons!

Hope you enjoyed a peek into our day to day life. Loves. 

Monday, April 22, 2019

Master Bedroom Transformation

Hello my wonderful readers. Today I thought I would share the transformation of our master bedroom. Our room has a sloped ceiling and was all white, so I felt like it was too much white and closing in almost. we decided we would paint one wall a light blue color and have navy and brown accents. We have always had kind of a beach colors theme in our room and we wanted to just stick with that. I had a gift card to Hobby Lobby and wall decor was 50% off so I got all 4 wall decor signs for $25 out of my pocket which is normally full price for one of them, which I thought was a good deal. Our window is kind of a custom size so I had to get a little creative with ordering curtains.  I went with the simple rod and actually 4 skinnier panels of navy curtains, all off of Amazon. I just love how it turned it out, I feel like I just want to go in there all the time now and relax which is was I think a master bedroom should be. Here is the before. 

 My wonderful hubby painting his 3rd room in a month! 

Hope you enjoyed seeing it transform. Loves.  

Friday, April 19, 2019

What's in my kids Easter baskets 2019

Hello my wonderful readers. I cannot believe Easter has come again so quickly. I feel like I was just writing this post for last year's Easter baskets. In our home we try to not get a lot for the kids baskets and try to emphasize the real meaning of Easter, Jesus has risen! We do try to get less toys for them since they have plenty of those. So this year we got them each: a small watering can to help with our garden we planted, a small puzzle, a book, and a small toy, Penelope got a small guitar and the twins each got a small doctor's kit because they are loving playing doctor lately to their toys. Also they each got one piece of candy. They will get more when they hunt for eggs on Easter morning when the grandparents get here.
Hope you enjoyed seeing what's in our 4 year old and 2 year old twins Easter baskets. We want to wish your family and wonderful Easter from ours. Jesus has Risen!!

Monday, April 15, 2019

Kids Room Transformations

Hello my wonderful readers. I hope your all well. In my last couple posts I mentioned moving, well we finally have moved to a house and we can paint and decorate to make a real home. It has been so much fun to paint and decorate the kids' rooms because we didn't get to decorate really any nurseries so me and Aaron have really enjoyed doing this for our kids together. First up of course was our 4 year old's room, she requested pink paint with princesses and unicorns, so that is what she got. We had quite the challenge to paint her room but we got it done. Then came the decor: She got the princess bed set for Christmas from us this past year, the framed princesses and unicorns are wall decals off of Amazon that I framed in dollar store gold frames, the single unicorn hanging came from the dollar spot at Target, the red and pink toy box and the doll house were both mine as a kid, the rug was also an Amazon find, everything else was in her room before. She has been over the moon excited to show anyone who will listen her room.  The first picture is the before where Aaron is patching holes and taping off the room.

 Penelope made this heart for her door of her and her daddy. 

As of right now, and most likely for awhile, the twins share a room. That being said I wanted a gender neutral color but still boy/girl as well. We went with mint green paint on one wall, so it didn't shrink the room too much, with lavender (for Juliet) and navy blue (for Andrew) bedding. Also grey and black accents. I bought them a wall decal on Amazon as well and framed it in a black Micheal's poster frame. They got some light grey curtains from Amazon, that helped a lot with the time change that came right after this big bedroom change haha. The big thing for their room was that we got them twin size beds instead of their mini cribs in toddler mode. They were growing out of them fast and I thought now was the time and it would be smarter for us to just go straight to twin beds instead of toddler beds and then twin beds because two beds to buy at once is a big cost. They have slept so well and I think really like their new room. The first picture is the before picture of the unpainted wall.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the kids room transformations, it sure was fun to do that for them finally. Loves. 

Friday, April 12, 2019

Moving with 3 Littles

Hello my wonderful readers. As I have mentioned before we moved twice in a 7 week period. We moved out of our 2 bedroom apartment in with my mother in law, so there were 3 adults and 3 children in a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house. We had quite the time. We hosted Penelope's birthday while we were there and it was a bit cramped but ok for her turning 4. Then we moved to our new home and hosted Thanksgiving and the twins 2nd birthday all within a month. My brain was fried by the time we got to Christmas. I do have to say the packing part when we moved from the apartment wasn't too hard because the kids were confined to the small apartment and we had friends help us move which was a God send. When we got to my mother in laws we had help unloading and with the kids which was nice. When we went to move from her house to our home now, I do have to say it was a little harder to pack because Aaron was working a lot and I had to wait until almost the last minute since we really only brought the essentials in her house with us. I cleaned our apartment before we moved out, that part was not easy with 3 little ones running all over into everything and I cleaned the house we moved into the week before we moved there (also with the kids in tow), also during that Aaron was moving boxes to the new house when he had the time so when moving day came only the big stuff had to be moved over which was helpful and quick. On the moving day we had help with the kids which was wonderful. We are thankful my mother in law let us stay with her.  I do have to say it's nice to have your own stuff all there to use when you want to, you take for granted the things you don't have. We hope to not have to move again for quite sometime. Lots of love. 

Monday, April 8, 2019

Checking in with 2019 Goals

Hello my wonderful readers! I'm sorry it has been so long, we have just been going crazy around here. Little life update: we moved twice in 7 weeks, then we had the kids birthdays, all the holidays and Aaron having a crazy work schedule with his new job, life has just been a zoo. It has been a hard thing to keep a routine with his schedule. My new year's goals were to eat better, get more active, write more, read more, go on a family vacation, buy a new to us car, pay down some debt if not all of it and to get all 3 kids potty trained by the end of the year. So far we did buy a new to us car in December because our old car kind of breathed it's last breath suddenly, we took a big chunk out of our debt so far this year that I am glad about and we will keep working on this. I have read a couple books so far this year, but would like to have read more, I think I will give a book list/ review when we get to the half way point of the year. I have been writing in a journal more which I think helps me when I can't talk to anyone really but I would like to get back to writing more on here. We have not planned a family vacation yet because we are debating where we should go, we have decided it will only be for a weekend and we will need to do it before Penelope starts school. We might be leaning toward a beach trip, we will see, it will be our first vacation as a family of 5. The big goals of eating better and being more active I knew would be the hardest ones. I started out ok in the first of the year but have fallen off the wagon, I plan to get going again on it soon. The last goal that's a big one is getting all 3 kids potty trained. Penelope had a set back big time with moving twice but now she is fully potty trained so we are 1/3 of the way there. The twins have been introduced to the potty and go if they are on it but not to the point of going themselves. Now that it's getting warmer though we might start doing more no pants days and working with them. I thought 3 months into the year would be a good check in time, maybe the next check in will be at 6 months into the year. Hope your doing well on your goals for 2019, if not it's not too late to get back to it! Lots of love.